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Crest Greens is a highly ambitious housing spaces project, spread across 32 acres, with over 2,80,000 Square Feet of Land Scaped area, developed immaculately by international Architects and Consultants. It is a one-of-the-kind project in Central India, with Greenery & Environment Replenishing being the core priority along with its un-paralleled infrastructure & amenities.

We feel proud in our Vision & Efforts towards building a world class township, that we can ever think of. Every inch of the Landscape has been designed to perfection and laid out accurately. This is a futuristic housing spaces project, which fulfils the demands of present times. The project has been designed in a manner to Curb Pollution, Recycle Resources, bring Self-Sustainability, Ecologocal Balance and numerous indirect substantial benefits to the lives of inhabitants, ambience and to the society at large.

First Project in Chhattisgarh to

  • Construct High Quality M30 Grade, 780 MM, Reinforced Concrete Roads
  • Build 2.8 Kms of Continuous Walk Ways
  • Implement Sewerage Treatment Plant, with Auto-Flow Technology and Drivable Chambers
  • Implement Storm Water Management system to prevent flooding
  • Enhance Ground Water Levels by Deep Aqua-Recharge system
  • Lay underground & Concealed Power & Electrical cabling-distribution
  • Use safety Electrical Junction Boxes at every Joint / Junction
  • Deploy world class Consultants & Architects to build a World Class & Eco-friendly Township
  • Support & Replenish the Ecological driving factors of healthy Natural Living
  • Execute maximum no. of Quality Tests & Certifications
  • Deliver much more than you see, deserve and dream of

We planted over 2000 Trees in a manner which

  • Generates 15%* more Oxygen
  • Curbs Air Pollution
  • Reduces Average Temp. by 3 deg.
  • Gives Wind & Humidity Control
  • Delivers Noise & Glare Reduction
  • Prevents Water Erosion
  • Improves Health Factors
  • Brings Ecological Balance
  • Increases Socio Economic Value of Property
  • Provides ideally natural home spaces for you

Project Highlights

We took some big initiatives to build up a distinctive township. We have implemented some world class methodologies in our infrastructure development, in sections like Water Management, Electricals, Sewer Systems etc. Additionally we have left no stone unturned in developing a state-of-the-art Amenities like Garden, Swimming pool, Club House, Sports Courts, Temple, Walkways along with a superb green ambience for you.


What Makes Us Stand Apart

the efforts that we have put in to achieve the macro goals with micro detailing


Our extensive plantation of over 2000 trees & shrubs is just unmatched. The planned greener environment provides numerous benefits.


The resources are scarce and must be taken care of. We implemented technologically advanced systems to make a self-sustainable living space.


Recycling the resources is the call of todays's time. We installed state-of-the-art systems, for Water & other resources management & optimization.


Amenities & infrastructure define the weightage of properties. The quality parameters we laid out, yeilds higher Socio-Economic Value.

About Us

Ramayana Realtors Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company and the visionaries behind the creation of this epitome of living spaces - Crest Greens. We perceive that Values are the core behind growth of man kind. Our ideology radiates through out our management, planning & execution team, resulting in pursuance of strict business ethics & practices. We put Quality Assurance at the fore-front of every thought process and work we do. We plan every aspect to the micro - level and execute quality tests at every layer. The additional mile that we walk, delivers us a higher acclaimation towards the project.

Quality Parameters

The stringent & top-notch quality parameters & equipment that we laid-out, results in hassle-free operations & maintenance of the project infrastructure.

Lab Test Reports

Crest Greens is the only* project, which ensures Quality & Laboratary tests of most of the infrastructure, systems, roads etc. in the project. Read more to check reports.

Comparison Study

Quality & Superiority are comparitive terms, especially in real estate sector. We welcome you to visit us & learn more about the Socio-Economic & Property Appreciation variables.

Quality & Excellence does not occur by chance, instead they are achieved with Vision & Dedication. To achieve the desired output, we laid out very stringent quality benchmarks and made sure of its implementation at each layer of development.

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It's not just the property that we pass on to next generation. It's a legacy & love of nature which shall make our children responsible, give them a sustainable future & greener Earth.

What is Responsible Development ?

We percieve things differently, so we follow ethics in real estate development backed by our responsibility towards mother nature & resources that we enjoy. Watch the video and you shall realize our vision and perspective on our exclusive housing spaces project.

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