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Crest Greens is committed to Natural Living. We feel deeply disheartened by the levels of pollution & eradication of resources. We researched, planned and built a township of housing spaces & plots which is precisely ideal on all parameters you can think of. We have answered the difficult questions of ecological sustainance & growth within a controled environment and a look at our project, its un-paralleled infra-structure & world class amenities shall certainly amaze you, like never before.

1 Lac Sq. Ft of Central Park
Over 2000 Trees Planted
LED Lights & Ambience Music
2.8 Kms. of continuous Walk Way
Play & Recreation Area
Concrete Sewer Chambers
Electrical Substation & Transformers
Water Recycling
M30 Grade RCC Roads

The Essentials & Amenities

Concrete Roads

First ever project to lay M30 Grade Concrete roads with 780mm Road Crust for strength & longer life. CBR Test & Vibro rolling compaction with leveling & dressing along with lab tests at every layer.

Walk Ways

2.8 Kms. of continuous walk-ways, with no vehicular interruption. Hidden & non-glaring LED lights all across. The walk-ways is among the finest features of Crest Greens leveraging you the best of ambient living.

Central Park

1 Lac square feet of land scaped garden area, with 6 different species of Trees, Plants, Shrubs & Grass. Comfortable park benches designed for human ergonomics, surrounded by lush greenery.

Security Cameras

48 CCTV Cameras installed all across the premise. They have been precisely placed to leave minimum blind spots, keeping the overall safety & vigilance in mind.

Musical Ambience

120 speakers installed all across the township. We understand the importance of relaxation after a hard day's work. Wherever your walk takes you in the premise, the soothing evening music follows you.

Club House

40,000 square feet of club house with world class Gym & Jacuzzi. Separate arena for coffee-shop & banquet. International grade swimming pool. All designed & installed by international designers & vendors.

Sports Arena

International grade separate sports courts for Badminton, Tennis, Squash & Basketball. World class equipment, apparatus & set-up as we wish the love of sports to roll in your lives.


A beautiful temple inspired by old legitimate architecture. Proportionately designed steps & space, including a small pond. As we say - we must surrender here to retain ourlseves.

Storm Water Management

An efficient storm water management system with accurate slopes/gradient to prevent floods and enhance ground water levels by Deep Aqua Recharge system.

Drainage System

1453 no. of M25 Grade RCC Drivable Sewer & Drainage chambers with auto-flow system, functionally designed for under land level support.

Water Management

8 bore-wells with 2 Lac liters of storage capacity, water-treatment plant delivering fully treated water of reduced hardness level (60ppm). UPVC & HDPE 100m main line pipes & 25mm pipes for individual houses.

Electrical Systems

Havells & RPG cables, each originate & terminate with a safety junction box. A dedicated sub-station with 17 transformers. Top quality instrumentation with underground cabling across the project.

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The Virtue

We have planned & worked every inch of the land-scape, infrastructure, essentials & amenities, with complete quality control and precision beyond imagination. Our soul inspiration lies in preserving & building the right human living spaces and environment and developing an impeccable example of a futuristic township.

The Astounding Stars

Our team of International Architects, Planners, Consultants & Vendors, did a great job to deliver & shape the township as desired.

Landscape & Architecture
Horticulture & Plantation
Infrastructure Design (World's 2nd largest in Infra Consulting)
Sewerage Treatment, Drip Irrigation, Water Management
Badminton court (6.7mm thick flooring approved by WBF)
Lawn Tennis & Basket Ball courts
Squash court (Maple Hardwood Flooring)