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Crest Greens is committed to Natural Living. We feel deeply disheartened by the levels of pollution & eradication of resources. We researched, planned and built a township of housing spaces & plots which is precisely ideal on all parameters you can think of. We have answered the difficult questions of ecological sustainance & growth within a controled environment and a look at our project, it's un-paralleled infra-structure & world class amenities shall certainly amaze you, like never before.

The Commitment of Quality


Every detail in planning & development has been backed by top notch international quality standards.

  • M30 Grade Concrete Roads, all across the township, with lab tests at every layer
  • Top quality Electrical instruments / wires / junction boxes / transformers & cables laid out
  • RCC Channels for Drainage & Sewerage Chambers built across the project, for robust function and longer life
  • Only township to install NP3 Grade Pipes with self cleaning flow-velocity system
  • Superior Water Treatment Plant with higher efficiency levels
  • UPVC & HDPE Pipes used for water supply system
  • STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) - the treated water is used for Trees / plants by Drip Irrigation System
  • Every aspect has been designed by world class methodology & international Architects & Consultants



Crest Greens is one-of-the-kind Township in Central India, with distinctive vision & standards.

Our vision & perception was simple & focused. We were committed to build a township, which could have the power to fight & reduce the ill-effects of pollution along with bringing about the Ecological Balance in use of resources. Our vision was shared by our team of experts, as we planted over 2000 Trees, capable to generate around 15% more oxygen than of the usual capacity. The plantation & greenery also helps in noise, pollution & glare reduction to the inhabitants.

The entire plantation, infra-structure & development factors, add to the Socio-Economic Value of the entire township, rather than just the usual appreciation of plots & houses. It is a broadly calculated fact by international experts. Comparitively we have not succeeded in spotting any similarity of standards in development, in any other township / housing projects in central India, nor have we been told so, till date.

Hence, we along with our long list of Happy Customers & Investors, take pride in our wonderful & iconic creation, which we simply share as "The Only Such" township & housing spaces project, known.

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The Virtue

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors - We borrow it from our Children. We must establish an example of importance of nature & resources, for them to identify & realize that an ecologically balanced life style & development is the only way to human existence & growth.